Lilly Kingston with Kylee Reece & Cody Cummin

Seducingthesitter: Lilly Kingston with Kylee Reece

Lilly Kingston thought she was going to this couple’s house for her first babysitting job, but of course that was just a scam to get her to show up… and she ends up sitting on something else altogether! So I guess it’s lucky that she showed up wearing those cute pink panties that make her ass look so damn hot, and they look ever hotter pulled down over her bubble butt just before the action really starts to heat up.
The scam was all worked out by Kylee Reece and her horny husband Cody, and they’ve fucked so many babysitters by now that they’ve got it down to a science. They know all the right moves, and they know how to turn a good girl in to a cock slurping, muff munching sex addict in under 10 minutes! That’s why the folks over at Seducing The Sitter decided to hire them as professional fuckstars… and they know what they’re doing when it comes to seducing young hotties like this, just check them out some time to see the good stuff but remeber…

Nicole Ray & Stephanie Cane

Seducingthesitter: Nicole Ray & Stephanie Cane

Oh fuck yeah… this is what I like to see when I’m out searching for porn to show here on my site, a cute young babe with big tits and the urge to explore! You can never underestimate what these hotties will do when they get this curious, and their pussy juices start to flow… and they just can’t stop themselves from getting down and dirty with a husband and wife duo from Seducing The Sitter.
Stephanie Cane and her husband only had to take one look at the sweet smiling face of Nicole Ray and they both knew they had to have her… and that is where the seduction began. They already had this young college babe right where they wanted her, in the privacy of their own home, and all they had to do was say the right things… and touch her in the right places, and she was all theirs. By the end of the night she had learned more about sucking cock, licking pussy, and getting her pussy split open than she would ever learn back at college!

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Cayden Moore and Alyssa Hall

Seducingthesitter: Cayden Moore and Alyssa Hall

Here we have another cute and innocent looking young babe who has got everyone fooled… none of her friends or family know that she is actually a raging nymphomaniac who is addicted to fucking! Guys, girls, it doesn’t matter, Alyssa Hall will take them all, and she will even take two at once as you’re about to see in these free pics from Seducing The Sitter. Cayden Moore took one look at this girl and she knew that innocent face was all just an act, and she moves in for the kill.
Right from the start of this scene Cayden is all over the younger babe, fondling her perky tits and sizing her up to try and guess how much of her husband’s cock she will be able to take inside her tight pussy before she screams! So if all of this husband and wife tag team action sounds like fun to you then take a look at this free sample gallery and visit Seducing The Sitter for the real deal in higher quality and with videos too.

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Deena Daniels & Hailey Young

Seducingthesitter: Deena Daniels & Hailey Young

Deena Daniels has been a very bad girl… and she is just about to get taught a lesson by Hailey Young and her husband on what it means to be a good worker, and why she shouldn’t be fucking around on the computer when she is supposed to be babysitting! This scene is from a site called Seducing The Sitter, but there is not a whole lot of seduction going on in this particular scene… just a whole lot of cock sucking and pole riding action that should teach her right from wrong.
As soon as the husband and wife found out how fuckin’ horny this girl was they knew she would be up for it, no seduction required! And from then on all they could think about was getting in to her cute pink panties and finding out how wet she got from watching porn all night. Of course by that time she was wet and ready to go, ready to learn how to suck a big cock and getting stretched wide open by the black snake!