Deena Daniels & Hailey Young

Seducingthesitter: Deena Daniels & Hailey Young

Deena Daniels has been a very bad girl… and she is just about to get taught a lesson by Hailey Young and her husband on what it means to be a good worker, and why she shouldn’t be fucking around on the computer when she is supposed to be babysitting! This scene is from a site called Seducing The Sitter, but there is not a whole lot of seduction going on in this particular scene… just a whole lot of cock sucking and pole riding action that should teach her right from wrong.
As soon as the husband and wife found out how fuckin’ horny this girl was they knew she would be up for it, no seduction required! And from then on all they could think about was getting in to her cute pink panties and finding out how wet she got from watching porn all night. Of course by that time she was wet and ready to go, ready to learn how to suck a big cock and getting stretched wide open by the black snake!